About Me


Hi! My name is Sjerun, I’m a small-town Dutch student & creative with big dreams. I’d like to call myself a blogger now too. Most days, you will find me working on my blog, making interior design collages, dancing to crazy music or trying out a new coffee place. Besides, you have to know that Sjerun means: a loud laugh, Instagram addicted, explorer, loud singer, sucker for books & fulltime sleeper with a little bit of humor.

My website is all about feeling good and happy. Feeling good in the skin you are in, being genuinely happy, doing what makes you feel the best, basically loving and living your life to the absolute best. Whether or not this means in the form of making your house a home you love, give you travel inspiration, fun activities, or looking after yourself and how to do so. It’s all in the theme of making YOU and me feel great.

I’d like to think my website is a guide, which you can take inspiration from. I want it to be a guide even for myself. You’re not always going to feel great, but we can learn to make a shitty day just a bit better.  I hope that’s the message I am able to spread through my posts.

Now make a cup of coffee, and enjoy my blog!

And, btw, Emplicity is not a real word. I made that up, and I’d like to think I am very cool because of it. The thought behind it ? Simplicity, but unique. Simple but different.

Loads of Love,



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