My first Tifanny & Co ring | Birthday breakfast

After posting  ‘My first designer’ a few months ago, I didn’t expect to be buying something so major just some time later,but as that post was received really well I wanted to show you my next amazing purchase.

Never in a million years would I have thought to have a tifanny & Co item at this age. Breakfast at Tiffany’s always used to be so fascinating to me, one of my favourite movies actually.  I don’t know why but it always seemed so out of reach, something for the rich people, not me.  Of course I didn’t buy  €10.000 earrings and stood outside the shop window with a coffee and croissant but I am still so happy with the ring I got. It is simple, classic and delicate.

The reason why I got this ring (besides my birthday) is that I wanted something that would last for quite some time. I feel like this is a piece I could give to my children when I am old or dead (depending on if I want to give it up lol). I could have gone for a more in your face ring but that’s not my style and this one was reasonably prices.

The day I got it, I was still doubting to get it whether but in the end my boyfriend convinced me that this was the perfect birthday gift for me, and now.. I couldn’t agree more. Nowadays, I am more interested in sustainable pieces. Things that last.. I have had thousands of cheap rings I would throw away after wearing a few times and so I figured I would start investing in a more sustainable piece. Primark and H&M don’t really do it for me anymore. It’s bad for the environment anyway. I do enjoy inexpensive things but I am willing safe up for bigger purchases now. I think it’s a part of growing up. I see so many things my grandma has had for ages and if I look at the things I possess, it wouldn’t last. Not that that is a bad thing or stuff are the only legacy you have but I do think it’s nice to think about the future at this moment.

To walk out of the store with that Tifanny blue box is just a magical experience and I am very happy I got it in the end. What’s your opinion on the subject, would you spend more money on fewer things or less money on a variety of things ? Andddd…. what do you think of the ring I got ? I’d love to know.

I had an amazing (and delicious) birthday breakfast. Thank you so much for reading and until next time!


Lots of love,



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