10 activities to do this spring!

The sun has come out, the next season has arrived and that only means that Spring has finally come! I’ll admit, I didn’t endure a long period of winter due to the fact I have been in Malta. But, that doesn’t mean I am not excited for it to be Spring. Sunshine, flowers popping out of the ground, bright and pastel colours, baby chicks and a lot of easter chocolate (quilty ). I am totally ready.

With the weather slowly getting better we all want to go out and enjoy ourselves, so here are a few activities and things that are able inspire you this spring and easter.

  • Buy flowers at the flowers market
  • Grow your own veggies
  • Invent your own spring make up look (orange lipstick ?!)
  • Visit a petting zoo
  • Make your own flower bouquet
  • Host a picnic
  • Drink a glass of wine outside a café
  • Feed the ducks at a pond
  • Bake cupcakes with pastel coloured frosting and fresh fruits
  • Make a bright coloured painting

Of course there is lots more you can come up with but this small blogpost is meant to give you a bit of inspiration and sharing ideas.

Thankyou so much for reading. Hope you’re having a lovely day and most of all happy spring! (insert chick emoji here)

Lots of love,



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