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Travel Diary: Orlando, Florida

This year my ultimate travel dream got to be fulfilled, I got to travel to the United States of America. Not just any school trip, I was part of the honors programme. An exchange programme between a Dutch and American college. When I was asked to take part of this wonderful opportunity I couldn’t even believe it. After all I had never been to America before and so I did not know what to expect. None the less I was absolutely thrilled when they told me..

A few months after, I packed my suitcase with everything I needed and travelled across the globe with some fellow students. It was really special to me because although I travelled quite a bit, i’ve never actually been out of Europe.

I did so many things during my week in the USA. From going to the beach, Universal studios to Disney World and meeting a famous author.

The week started off at Cocoa beach, a beautiful place. We visisted Ron Jons Surfing shop (the biggest surfing shop in the world) and had a typical American burger with fries at the pier. I enjoyed the view and lovely sun that day, not to mention the sand and cold water at my feet. After all it was still winter back home.The second day promised to be a very wonderful day too, well at least for me, because we visited Disney World. Something i’ve always wanted to do since I was a little girl. Of course I visited Disney Land in Paris but visiting Disney World across the globe seemed liked something impossible to do before knowing of the honors programme. Lets just say I enjoyed my day inmensely. I loved strolling around whilst meeting the characters, have lots of candy and of course wearing the Minnie Mouse ears (why not be basic at Disney right ?). Besides all of those things seeing the different parades made me feel incredibly happy and blessed. The Electrical Parade at night and fireworks was just something special, something to never forget.                        The third day me and the other students followed some classes at Valencia college. After spending some time at school we went to Walmart. We had to let our inner tourists out right ? I bought some things I didn’t need at all but hey lets blame the tourist in me again. We ended that day with a honors reception and lots of hotel room fun.

After two more days at school with lots of amazing events such as meeting Wil Haygood the author of the book ”The Butler”. He shared his story and signed my book which was quite special. We also attended a school play about rape and sexual assault in Africa. It was very emotional and touching actually. After the eventful 3 days at school we had the day off and by ”having the day off” I mean doing as much as we could possibly do. After all you don’t get an opportunity like this every day right ? That’s what me and my friends thought and so we visited the Florida Mall. (Lets just say I spent money like there was no tomorrow). We went on with a bike ride through Winter park after that and then off to a lake to peddle board and enjoy the sun. You perhaps think we all went to bed after this, no we did not. We took the train down town so we could explore Orlando a bit more, then we ordered food to take back to the hotel and hung out with each other there.

Saturday, the day before heading back to the Netherlands. We visited Universal Studios. I was pretty excited for the Harry Potter section to be completely honest. The sun was out and we strolled around the park with our sunglasses on and sipping Butter Beer (quite delicious if you ask me). We took the Hogwarts Express to the other park where we had so much fun as well. We had dinner and some drinks and then when my feet became so painful I could barely stand up straight the last day had ended.

The next day we woke up early to catch our flight. Very tired but satisfied I travelled back home..

DSC00206 (2)

Flying over Canada

IMG_0820 (2)

Heading off to the beach

IMG_1635 (2)

Ron Jons Surf Shop

IMG_0920 (2)

Dinner at the pier, (the glasses of coke were incredibly big)

DSC00221 (2)

Every stone had a name of someone who meant something to the park on it

IMG_9286 (2)

The details in Disney are amazing

IMG_9385 (2)Happy with my Minnie ears

DSC00313 (2)

Perfect timing!

DSC00286 (2)

Mickey is pretty cool in fron of the castle

IMG_9340 (2)

How delicious do these chocolate apples look ?

IMG_9517 (2)

The Electrical Parade was my favourite

IMG_9438 (2)

The castle by night, beautiful


DSC00373 (2).JPG

Universal Studios!

IMG_0868 (3)

Casually sipping my Butter Beer on the London stairs

IMG_9718 (2)

Always snapping photos

IMG_0874 (2)

Butter Beer is delicious!

IMG_0804 (2)

Butter Beer wastedddd!

IMG_9736 (2)

We pretended to be wizards

IMG_9713 (2)

Like a kid in a candy shop (litteraly)

IMG_9938 (2)

I was pretty happy as you can tell

IMG_9891 (2)

Hogwards Express, coolest train ever


Quote of the day ?

IMG_9723 (2)

Looking for my own wand


I know this blogpost is probably a bit lengthy but I decided I didn’t want to cut my story into seperate pieces. I love to do Travel Diaries. Writing about my adventures and travels is something I like to do very much. Unfortunately travelling is not something I get to do as often as i’d like but this is absolutely a start of goal to travel the world. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my trip to Florida. I had such an amazing time and experience, something I will never forget.

To see more pictures of my adventures you can follow me on Instagram if you would like. Also a big thankyou to my friend  Pepijn, he took the photos of me.





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