5 ways to kick mornings ass

We probably all know that feeling. It is way too early and your alarm makes that annoying sound like it does every morning. It is still dark outside and you decide to snooze.. and snooze..and snooze. Your bed is so warm and you don’t want to get out and when you do decide to get out of your little safe comfort zone you have to hurry and are in such a rush you forget half the things you need to do or bring which results in you being moody until lunch break (or all day)

These are the things I figured out help me a lot with waking up and having a relaxed morning overall.

1. Light

 I’m that kind of person that likes my room very dark when I go to sleep. What I used to do was close my roll-down shutters all the way down. This way there was no light coming in to wake me up. I do have to admit that I liked that until I figured out it was preventing me from coming out of bed easier or immediately.

One day I accidently left the roll down up and the next morning I woke up so naturally and relaxed, even I couldn’t believe what was going on. Especially in the winter the mornings are dark and cold so by keeping your shades open it gives you a more natural way of waking up.

2. Preparation

Tidy your room, pack your bag, make your lunch and pick out an outfit the night before. This saves you a lot of time in the morning and without being in such a hurry you can start the day off with less stress.

Also does this keep you from picking out that same exact outfit every day (don’t worry that happens)

3. Lemon Water

I know, I know a lot of trendy and healthy people talk about this and yes even I thought it was overrated but this shit really works! Please trust me on this one. What I do each morning is make myself some hot water and put 2 or 3 slices of lemon in there. This not only helps me with waking up but prevents being tired through out the day. It gives me more energy than any vitamine pill I ever tried.

side note: it tastes horrible.

4. A nice breakfast (to go?)

By planing/having a nice breakfast it will make you look forward to it and so your mornings will get a tiny bit better. If you don’t have time in the morning to make breakfast do it the night before. If you don’t have time to eat it before you leave then make one for on the go.

5. Skincare

after a long or usually a short night of sleep your face can feel pretty gross and your skin pretty dehydrated. Another way to get through the morning is to give your face a good cleanse. This way you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

What I usually do is start the day off with washing my face, usually with cold water or if I got the time with the Coalface soap by Lush. This really wakes me up and prepares my skin for my toner. After the toner has soaked into my skin I use a light moisterizer and let it sit for a little while. After a few minutes I start applying my make up. You can use a BB cream instead of moisterizer and foundation if you are in a hurry.

These were some things I came up with that help me out a lot in the morning. Some are quite standards things to do and some can be quite odd but for me they definitely help me out. One thing I like to add is that waking up with your phone on airplane mode really helps to start your day relaxed. You can put it on when you get the time to or fully have woken up.

I hope you liked it and thankyou for reading. Hopefully you’ll have lots of lovely and relaxed mornings from now on.

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Love the picture, so funny!



Thankyou so much!


Simply Sorcha

I am not a morning person so I really enjoyed this post – time to give them a try! 🙂



Thankyou so much for reading 🙂



Call me crazy, but I love lemon water! I love this post btw!



Ahaahha good for you! Thankyou so much for reading x 🙂



Not looking forward to going back to work after a 2 week break – hopefully this post will help me with the morning starts! 🙂



Aaah that’s too bad, goodluck with work! Thankyou for reading xx 🙂



I’ve been trying the lemon water trick and it has made my mornings so much brighter!



Yeah it’s so weird thar it actually works xx


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