Sumer Recipe | Classic Italian Bruschetta

Summer parties and picnics are the go-to events at the moment. But what to make.. or to bring ? Here is a very easy and classic Italian Bruschetta recipe to impress your friends and family this summer season! Put it on a lovely plate or a wooden board and your last-minute creation will get all the attention.


My first Tifanny & Co ring | Birthday breakfast

After posting  ‘My first designer’ a few months ago, I didn’t expect to be buying something so major just some time later,but as that post was received really well I wanted to show you my next amazing purchase.

Never in a million years would I have thought to have a tifanny & Co item at this age.


20 things i’ve learnt at 20

I turned 20 a couple of days ago… none the less, if you told me I just turned 16 I would have believed you too. Anyway, after seeing all these videos on Youtube on things i’ve learnt at… I thought i’d make it into a blogpost. I had an amazing birthday and I can truly say i’m very happy at this point in my life.


A few updates on my life

There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t been too active on my blog lately. Due to the lack of posts I wanted to give you a little explanation of things going on in my life as well as update you on what direction I want to go in for this blog.


Social self-care | 10 Things to do

I have found that taking care of relationships and friendships have been proven to be quite difficult for most people, even me. Work, school, obligations and everything in between gets in the way. Many friendships ruined because of it.

My Week in Pictures,

My week in pictures #5

It has been a while since I last posted a ”my week in pictures”. Sometimes life just gets in the way or there are not many interesting things I have been up to that week. This week wasn’t one of them! Great days in Amsterdam and at the beach, a few hard work outs, good foods and couch cuddles. 

Travel Diary,

Travel Diary: Madrid, Spain

In the beginning of this year I got to spent a long weekend in Madrid visiting a friend. With only paying €50,- for a plane ticket I was so excited. We had such a lovely couple of days and with his appartment laying right in the city centre I got to see and explore so much!


Gallery wall inspiration

Gallery walls, art walls and photo walls are hot and happening in interior design at the moment. Prints with quotes and illustrations can be found anywhere and everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. They look chic, very cool and you can customize it yourself.


10 activities to do this spring!

The sun has come out, the next season has arrived and that only means that Spring has finally come! I’ll admit, I didn’t endure a long period of winter due to the fact I have been in Malta. But, that doesn’t mean I am not excited for it to be Spring.


10 inspiring women’s march photos

Feminism.. a topic I haven’t covered on my blog before. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am quite passionate about this matter. Equality and women’s rights are something I value very much and am willing to stand up for. 


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